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New Folder is an European award winning photo production studio, focused on a wide range of clients, local or international. As the studio grew up, we constantly faced challenges such as hard-to-find locations, different seasons than what we needed at the moment, tight production deadlines with no time for scouting.

Newfolderstock is our response to those challenges.

We created large series of backplates, most of them shot in 80 Mpx, capable to fulfill the advertising needs.
From waterscapes scenes, ready to receive beverages packshots to scenic roads and highways where hot and fast cars can be inserted. From crowded city centers when you can place your studio shot actors to quiet rural landscapes bathing in the sun, we try to satisfy the industry's need for backplates, to be used by the ad agencies , photographers, design studios and CGI companies.

Check out our SERVICES for more details, or SEARCH you location ! Enjoy !