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The backplates you'll find on are carefully selected in order to be ready-to-use in no time. 
We remove unwanted details and then we balance the contrast and chromatics to be suitable for professional usage. We also keep the raw files, so if you need them, we can deliver them with no extra charge.
And we don't have to mention that the photos are shot in multiple perspectives, low iso, small aperture,
 so you can place your subject almost on every place.  Just to be sure, some locations are shot with multiple focus areas, so you can choose the foreground and background from different photos.

If you purchase Rights Managed images, the downloadable file will be .tiff/8bits/300 dpi/Adobe RGB format. Royalty Free images are downloadable in medium res/.jpeg/300 dpi/Adobe RGB format. However, if you need the .tiff format for those Royalty Free images, we can deliver the tiff files if you request that format via email, also in medium resolution.



Our team of photographers are ready to shoot in any location they might be needed. 
We can also scout special locations, following a brief, and directly consulting with clients in real time. 





Let's say you have to make a compositing , and you found a large image but you are only interested in a part of it. We can sell you that detail cheaper, so you don't have to purchase the whole image. 
Most of our images are at 80 Mpx resolution and the details you might want are very well preserved.
Talk with us at



Managing a large high res database takes time. Also our attention for details. 
We are constantly updating with new locations, so please pay a visit to our website from time to time to find fresh landscapes,  architecture and urban shots.





You can work on compositings and CGI with New Folder Studio. Get in touch with our guys at





Working for the advertising industry for a long time made us know the standards the industry uses for participating in pitches.In response, we can provide you with watermarks-free medium resolution images with no costs involved. All you have to do is contact us, request the images you need to use in your proposals, and specify they're for pitching.

Oh, and you'll also get our "good luck" wishes for winning that pitch. 




Can't find specific images in our database? Nothing is easier. 
Just send us an e-mail specifying your needed image(s) and we'll get back to you ASAP. 
The information will be confidentially kept between us.





What’s ours can anytime be Yours and Yours alone. Newfolderstock’s images can be sold
exclusively upon request, and we can also retire them from our database. Send us an e-mail
to check our offers and make an exclusive deal. We will also provide you with the history of purchases for the chosen picture before retiring it from the database, and we can also help you find pictures that match your search which weren't used or sold before.